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Queens Birthday Weekend

wineQueens Birthday is always so full of activity on the Mornington Peninsula. I have been meaning to start this blog for such a long time and now I am truly pooped – so I am having an Engraved Stone free day!

It has been Winter Wine Weekend, the opening event was on Saturday, a day full of wine and food for all those attending;  there were about 1400 people all tasting wines and enjoying gourmet delights. I have strong ties with the wine industry, the opening in the big shed in Red Hill is very much an all hands on deck affair.

Sunday, another stonking day with the weather, what  a beautiful day for a market – it seems like 1000’s came to the Racecourse Mornington Craft Market.  A thank you to all the lovely folk I met, I am a social creature and it is one of lifes pleasures to have a chat.  On that note I would please ask that if anyone wants to see a certain style of stone or has some fun ideas for stones or glass then don’t be shy.  I want to hear from you.  Or if you want to see different icons on my stones or a new range I haven’t thought of.  I really pride myself on creating beautiful engraved stones and I really enjoy following their story with my customers, many of which are memorial stones but I love to do quirky stuff too.  So let me know!  I am hoping to get into blog writing I have very few pre-concieved ideas of what to write about, hopefully it will not be too much of a ramble.  Have a good week I think many in this neck of the woods many will be having a ‘healthy week’ he he, everything in moderation!

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